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Good vs. Evil

January 31, 2011

EZ November Moccasin Socks

Confession time…

  • I did not finish the 2nd Moccasin Sock in November.
  • I did not even finish it in December for Sock Lover’s Christmas gift.

I actually ran out of the sock reinforcement thread and could not find it in the same color at my LYS. So I gave up and had to order more. Since I reinforced the toe, heel and entire foot bottom, each sock took an entire card of thread.

In fact here’s all that I had left after the 1st pair. And yes I even kept this tiny yarnleftover. It’s a disease!

I’ll use it for a stitch marker or something…

Today as I was finishing up the sole of the foot with the kitchener stitch I got to wondering why some knitters find this difficult. A few months ago I was teaching a workshop on socks and a knitter said she just did not get the kitchener stitch. Another knitter agreed that she always had to look it up.

Really? For me the kitchener stitch all comes down to Good vs. Evil.

  • Back needle   (Back = Evil = Purl)
  • Front needle (Front = Good = Knit)

1st stitch comes off the needle, 2nd stitch use the opposite stitch and leave it on.

Or written out:

  • Front needle: Slip stitch off as if to KNIT, 2nd stitch thread yarn through as if to purl and leave the stitch on.
  • Back needle: Slip stitch off as if to PURL, 2nd stitch thread yarn through as if to knit and leave the stitch on.

God forbid that I have to stop midstream, but I always take the time to stop ready to start with the Front needle.

I actually learned how to do the kitchener stitch over the phone. I used a life line and called Mom. Many Christmases ago my Mom taught me how to knit socks using EZ’s Afterthought Heel technique. The only problem was that she did not show me how to finish the toe of the sock. Once again I was on the road so I called her and she talked me through the kitchener stitch.

We all learn differently. Some people learn better visually, some by doing (Kinesthetic), for others (and apparently myself included) audible does the trick. So when learning a new technique you might try a different form of media. Tape yourself reading the directions, phone a friend, or watch a youtube.  When I was teaching my half-pint how to knit she hummed a little song and made different little noises for different stitches. That was a few years ago, now I wish I had recorded her 😦  But really once you get the hang of knitting it can be quite rhythmic.


Disaster Diverted

December 3, 2010

This week’s knitting crisis was diverted by finding a lovely knitting store in Pasadena.

Elegance Designer Yarns & Accessories
Ste 103, 380 South Lake Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91101-3567 (626) 792-2404 ‎

The owner suggested I try a tiny 9 inch circular needle for my sock. I sat right down on her comfy couch and tried a pair out.

Problem solved. I should not loose this needle!

I also wanted to get started on EZ’s December Wishbone Sweater but the Berroco Campus yarn was not bulky enough to create a gauge of 2.5 inches per inch. It is already December 3rd and time is ticking on this project. So I scoured this shop for some bulky yarn. I ended up picking up some Misty Alpaca and decided to try working the 2 yarns together.

I worked a few inches and finally have achieved the proper gauge.

It’s been a long week away from home, but I think my knitting & I are finally ready for the long flight back.

A thinking knitter…

November 19, 2010

EZ November Moccasin Sock

I finished this month’s moccasin sock just in time for our first light dusting of snow. Now I suppose I need to make the one to match or my poor Sock Lover will be a little chilly!

EZ suggest that ‘the thinking knitter can glean two different pairs..” from the November chapter. I’ve read the chapter over and over again and I am obviously not a thinking knitter since I do not have a clue what the 2nd sock pattern is that she hints about.

For the second sock I have decided to knit the cuff in the round and then switch to straights for the top of the foot shaping. Not because I am a thinking knitter but rather a lazy knitter and I really did not enjoy the finishing process of seaming up the cuff.

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How Bizarre

November 15, 2010

What can I say, but how BIZARRE!

EZ’s Moccasin Socks are knit flat, then decreased for top of foot, and the toe is shaped.

For the toe, heal, and sole, I switched to a dark grey Mission Falls 136 Merino Superwash and sock reinforcement thread.

Now I am ready to pick up all the sole stitches and finish sock #1.

Tidbit: Remember to slip all your 1st stitches for easy pick up.

Moccasin Sampler

November 14, 2010
Moccasin Sock Sampler
Last weekend I happily worked along on the EZ’s Moccasin Socks during Jared Flood’s Seamless Sweater Design workshop.
The cuff is first knit flat in a K2 P2 ribbing.  As I went along it looked small so I tried it on me and seemed fine but when I later tried it on DH I decided that although it fit it was a bit snug.
K2 P2 ribbing is amazing. Un-stretched the cuff only measures 5inches BUT it easily stretches to 13 inches.
DH calf measures 15″ so I went up a needle size (US 4) knit in stockinette for about an inch to check the new gauge (6sts/inch) and then continued in K2 P2 ribbing. Much better.

So this week I set aside my 1st test cuff and started cuff #2.

CO 60 stitches on US 4. K2 P2 ribbing for about 8 inches.
Followed EZ’s Knitter’s Almanac directions for decreases down to 30 stitches.

EZ Moccasin Cuff Decreases

Are You Ready for a Flood?

November 6, 2010

….. that is a FLOOD of information!

I just spent an entire day taking knitting workshops with Jared Flood.

What a fabulous way to spend an otherwise dreary November day.


In the morning he taught a class on colorwork and convinced students to explore different methods of holding two colors so that we could maintain consistency in dominant and background colors and best of all no more tangled yarns.

We all worked on a speed swatch and had to take an oath that we would try the Crochet reinforced steek that he demonstrated.

I enjoyed a relaxing afternoon knitting along on EZ November Moccasin Sock while Jared worked us through the construction of a seamless sweater from the bottom up. In the past I have made a few sweaters using EZ’s percentages but this workshop was AMAZING! It was full of useful tips, short row shaping, and calculations. I had several AHA moments and have decided that I will rework the shaping on my EZ October Open Collared Pullover just a bit.

On to this months project! For the EZ November Moccasin Socks I chose Mission Falls 136 Merino Superwash for my DH

Now I have to go do my homework for tomorrow’s Koolhaas workshop. Good thing I gain an extra hour tonight!

I selected some of his newly released yarn Shelter in a beautiful Red called Long Johns. Perhaps I should have waited to make the September EZ longies out of this appropriately named yarn.  I will post my progress. No idea how much I will get done in this two hour class.

All of the workshops have been filled for quite sometime but Jared Flood will also be speaking at our regular guild meeting on Monday November 8th.  FMI see the Rochester Knitting Guild website.

November 1st

November 1, 2010

Grama's cheating November Moccasin Sock

I Can Knit Socks!

I’ve been stuck on socks for quite a few years now. So after September’s Longies and October’s Open-Collared Pullover, I was relieved when I turned the page to the November chapter of Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Knitter’s Almanac to find a pair of SOCKS. Phew! I can knit Socks. I think.
The EZ Moccasin Sock is, well, unsurprisingly unconventional. In her quest for a totally repairable sole, EZ unvented this re-footable sock.

The sock starts out by knitting the ribbed cuff flat, then after some decreases she has you knit down the top of the foot, shapes the toe, picks up all stitches around the sole, makes a few more decreases, and finally you weave together the bottom center sole.

BIZARRE! I can’t wait to attempt this puzzle.