Teenie Tiny Hats are Popping Up EVERYWHERE!

Did you know that today, November 17th , is World Prematurity Day?

I think every day must be preemie day for my Aunt, who for the past 5+ years has challenged herself to make 50 teenie-tiny hats per month.


Here is just a few that she has donated this year to the Rochester Knitting Guild. I’ve already sent the October Pumpkin Hats and December Santa Hats to Strong’s Neonatal Unit.

So why not cast on a few stitches and knit up this quick act of kindness. Feedback from the Nurses: Hats with a rolled brim are best and an easy care acrylic yarn are preferred. Think tiny.

A hat to fit a lemon or small apple.


Here are a few links to knitting patterns:

The Preemie Project

Knitting Pattern Central

Bev’s Country Cottage

So when I first stumbled upon these other tiny hats from a UK juice company promotion, I thought it was probably connected to raising awareness and funds for premature babies.

theinnocent_morehats  BK_COVER_PHOTO_4

The innocent big knit is actually a UK smoothie company campaign to raise funds to keep “older people warm and healthy through the chilly winter months” from proceeds from their special hat topped bottles.



Here is a promo video – that is a Riot!

They even have a few patterns posted HERE and I am sure if you search on the big knit patterns you will find even more like Jo’s Big Knit.

Yet another reason to keep saving my tiniest bits of yarnleftovers.


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