PHOTOTROPISM: Bending towards Enlightenment


Only Young girl who loves leggings YGWLL could pull this look off!
Her 5th grade Halloween assignment was to choose one of their Science vocabulary words and design a costume illustrating that term. What a GENIUS Teacher!

Well… YGWLL chose Phototropism! Now at first I panicked a little because I knew we had a VERY busy October full of fiber related travels but she drew me a sketch that was so beautiful my mind was quickly put at ease. Actually her sketch was so beautiful and Fashion Forward I could see her wearing it on a normal day if we could just figure out a way to paint or print the design. But alas I am not a painter so I naturally turned to what else, FIBER and YarnLeftovers.

She could have assistance on this school project but she had to do the majority of the work. Now I suppose she could have painted the flowers on but if she was going to get any help from me she was going to paint with Fiber.


The sunlight seeking Sunflowers are needle felted from a kit I bought at Rhinebeck probably at least 3 years ago. And yes she made them all by herself she’s much better at needle felting than me. She’s an old pro at ‘coloring with wool’ !


She embellished the sunflowers with goinggnome insects but insisted she make some herself too. She made an earthworm and a woolly bear caterpillar.

The long leaning stems are constructed from knitted I-cord using some of my green YarnLeftovers. Once she got going she made piles of Idiot-cord using Caron’s Embellish Knit I-cord Machine


She topped the whole look off with a sunny Styrofoam ball and pipe-cleaner headband.

Viola- Phototropism
A tropism is the growth of a plant as a response to a stimulus, and phototropism occurs when a plant responds to light by bending in the direction of the light.

I can’t wait to see what the rest of her classmates came up with.

She has always been my inspiration and designer, remember this is the same girl who asked me to knit her a spider web


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3 Responses to “PHOTOTROPISM: Bending towards Enlightenment”

  1. rob Says:

    and now it’s going to be a used christmas present! 😉

  2. yarnleftovers Says:

    IF YOU GUESS CORRECTLY…. No, I think if you look close there were 2 similar items. She did not use your present but her sisters. And they were slightly different anyway. Anyway I’d rather have that used than the used kitty litter bag!

  3. robin Says:

    Well….how did the assignment go in school? Was the teacher sufficiently impressed?

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