I’ve been a very very bad girl…


Apparently this pin I picked up early Saturday morning foretold the rest of the Rhinebeck weekend.

When I finally got around to unpacking all the bags today and started laying out all my new found treasures….

I was truly ALARMED!

So here is the haul.

Going around clockwise:

  • Front and center are future cupcake sprinkles that they were practically giving away at $1.50 per skein. Someday I might run out of sprinkles.
  • Boku from the LittleBarn for fingerless gloves or diagonal scarves.
  • Three bags full.  3 different style bags   by Jessalu
  • Green and Orange future pumpkins from the LittleBarn
  • Wool felting supplies and Wool Nepps.  from Delly’s Delights Farm
  • Lots of Wool scraps for a surprise project
  • Perfection sparkly yarn for daughter’s project
  • Tiny knit stocking for daughter #2 American Girl Doll from We-Z Farm
  • Last year’s 2012 T-shirt
  • Goinggnome  insects, birds, and  gnome
  • Recycled Kitty Litter Bag  – a Christmas present for a crazy-cat-lady, who hopefully does not read this blog?
  • Oak leaf headband  from wool_lady
  • Maple Creek Farm   Bargain $5  Monterey wool yarn, originally $35. How could I leave it there?
  • Bitsy Knits Squee  Bulky yarn for daughter project
  • More pumpkin colors
  • Fiber Buttons for Spring Knitting Retreat prizes….

OOOOHH and I forgot all about all the cheese and wine.

I can try to make excuses like well my daughters knit now and they picked out some of the stash, some of these items are gifts, others are to fill custom orders…. but there is no denying that I was like a kid in a candy store except this was NO Penny Candy.

Here is a link to more photos from  Rhinebeck2013!

One year I’m really going to try to leave the credit card home and just bring my camera because half the fun of Rhinebeck is people watching.

The New York Sheep and Wool Festival has become my favorite weekend of the year.



IMG_8435.JPG IMG_8438.JPG IMG_8441.JPG insects.jpg


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5 Responses to “I’ve been a very very bad girl…”

  1. robin Says:

    Ok, so my comment under Rhinebeck should have been here!

  2. rob Says:

    found it!

  3. Deniece Says:

    Next time I go to Rhinebeck, I’m tagging along with you!! Great goodies you found!

    • yarnleftovers Says:

      Oh I am a Rhinebeck Veteran, but nothing like Jane! She really has a strategy. My favorite booth that I run to 1st, was not there this year so I was a little lost at the start on Saturday then I settled down to a nice pace. Biggest problem is my daughters both knit now and they LOVE to shop too. My haul may be big but it is not all for me. Some are for the kids, others Christmas presents, somethings for the retreat and most of the rest were just bargains I can use for my booth next year. excuses excuses…. You can tag along anytime 🙂

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