MSWF Married Single White Female

Well perhaps after this week away from home on a fiber stash enhancement I might be Single.
I’m Married, White, and Female and this week I was Single.




MSWF = Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival

My new favorite vendor was Flying Goat Farm as evidence by my recent stash enhancement. I purchased so much that they gave me this awesome tote with their fun logo. LOVE IT! This farm is in Frederick, MD and they have dyeing classes that I must find time to come back for.

I also found gorgeous hand-dyed merino from Roz Houseknecht from Rockville, MD. I bought yarn from her 4 years ago the last time I attended MSWF and have carried her business card looking for more ever since.

Red sweater above is one I have loved for years and I decided perhaps if I took its picture one more time maybe I’d remember to actually cast-on!






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2 Responses to “MSWF”

  1. robin Says:

    Single??? Do I need to come visit???

    • yarnleftovers Says:

      Well yes you can come visit but u don’t NEED to 😃 I was on travel solo for a full week. And after the fiber stash I bought I might be single. 😉🐑🐑🐑 But I brought back strawberries for the family.

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