Green YarnLeftovers…

A friend sent me a link to this knitting pattern Friday afternoon.
How could she? All I wanted to do the rest of the day is run home and find some
green yarn.
Mini Cable Pine

Mini Cable Pine

Here’s, my 1st attempt. It knit up super quick and was TaDaFiniDone
by the end of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.
I quickly found that I do not have much of any green in my stash.
This yarn was a little too bulky for this mini tree.
So here is just another excuse for you to save all yarnleftovers.

 AND all corks!

Think I will go uncork a new potential tree.
Maybe by next year I will have an entire forest.

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One Response to “Green YarnLeftovers…”

  1. simplymamacita Says:

    LOL! I loved the idea of uncorking a new potential tree. Drinking wine is like earth day for knitters! 😀 Thanks for the link love!

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