Come meet Momma & GiGi Piggy

at the NYS Sheep & Wool Festival in beautiful Rhinebeck, NY

They will be signing Pancakes for Piggies

on Saturday 10-2:00

and Sunday 11-2:00

Pancakes for Piggies is a fractured fairy tale that evolved during the nightly ritual of reading classic bedtime tales. Every time I read my daughter a new story, she would beg me to tell it again. Gianna would plead, “Read it again Mommy, but this time mix it up!” With Gianna’s love of pancakes and my addiction to knitting, this story soon became a family favorite.

The journey began when I decided it would be fun to bring this family story to life as a Christmas present to my young girls.

Illustrator, Alex Carcich, and Designer, Sharah Blankeship, lead me through this creative process! We spent hours discussing all the details behind the piggy family, their home, and Momma Piggy’s knitting problem. I am so thrilled at how Alex’s whimsical illustrations bring this tale to life! Each time I peer into her illustrations I find a new tiny detail that I had previously missed.

He came out of that chair quickly,
as Mommy Piggy always left her knitting needles there.

Once I had presented the completely illustrated story to my daughters I thought the journey was over, but that was just the beginning. I was encouraged by many to publish the story. Since just about everything I do revolves around knitting, Momma Piggy added an easy slipper pattern. This knitting pattern features a few of Momma Piggy’s tips and she further recommends that these slippers might be a fun project to work on together as you teach a young new knitter the craft.

Piggy Slippers

This weekend may truly be one of those TaDaFiniDone moments as

Momma & GiGi Piggy finally see this many year project to completion.


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