Where have I been and Where I am going…

Well I’ve been away for a while but fear not I have not stopped knitting.

I have been very busy working on two huge projects.

1. I’ve been getting ready to have my 1st craft booth at this weekend’s Letchworth Art & Craft Festival.

We have been going to Letchworth for over 20 years as Holiday Shoppers but this year I’m going to try to sell a few fiber related products.

  • cupcakes
  • pumpkins
  • acorns

If you have never been to Letchworth State Park I highly recommend it this time of year the colors are AMAZING. There is truly no place on earth I’d rather be than Letchworth on Columbus Day Weekend. Rain or Shine it is wonderful way to welcome the Fall Season.

Come stop by the PetiteTreats Booth G16. (Near the North Shelter)

2. We put one final huge push to get our Children’s Book published.

Pancake’s for Piggies 

is soon to be available on Amazon!

I have received the 1st 100 copies and it will debut at Letchworth and be featured at Rhinebeck’s Book Signing Event.

This is a children’s picture book with knitting features throughout the beautiful illustrations. It also includes a knitted pattern for an easy pair of piggy slippers.


Hope to see you soon at one of these events!


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