Hop Hop Hop. Do the Bunny Hop!

Thank You Easter Bunny! Bawk, Bawk!

Here’s what I was treated to this glorious Easter Morning.

This is a self striping yarn, where the Easter Bunnies magically appear!

What an absolutely fascinating yarn with so many possibilities. I had to work on my gauge, needle size, and stitch count before the bunnies started to form but I think I finally got the hang of it.

The Easter Bunny left the business card in my basket so I know where to look for more and if other seasons are available.

So far I have found ghosts, hearts, watermelons, santas, and snowmen! The Easter Bunny sock kit even came with a plastic egg with a bunny stitch marker. Too over-the-top cute!

I spent the weekend dyeing eggs and of course using the leftover colors to dye some yarn. I just used the quick microwave technique to set the colors.

On a sadder note I broke 2 knitting needles in 2 days!


Well, I was not ready to part with my broken pieces and parts, so I used a real wall mounted school grade pencil sharpener.

And after a few seconds, Volia!

A couple of cable needles.  NeedleLeftovers!

Other sure signs of Spring!


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3 Responses to “Hop Hop Hop. Do the Bunny Hop!”

  1. rob Says:

    i was already homesick. now you are just killing me! sigh….

    • yarnleftovers Says:

      Sorry Rob. Gg got us all up bright and early and we went to sunrise service. A nice morning, not too cold, lots of birds singing, but we never saw the sun thru the clouds until later in the morning. Your folks were relieved that the cross was still standing since I guess it gave him grief. Thought of you all morning… Hope you survived your busy & early rise 🙂

  2. Julia Says:

    The bunnies just appear?!? That’s amazing!

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