hope springs eternal

Happy Spring!

March 20th, 2012 was a positively splendid 1st Day of Spring in the Rochester and Conesus Lake area.

Most 1st days of spring bring snow, sleet, and slush splattered with mud and thick sunless clouds. I usually have to go buy some forced daffodils to convince myself that spring will indeed soon be on its way but never have I actually seen daffodils blooming in my yard until at least April. Not this year, daffodils and other sure signs of spring where bursting out everywhere.

SockLover took me out to lunch for my birthday at SimplyCrepes which was conveniently located near Yarn Source and Dolce Cupcakery. We also wandered around Highland Park looking for signs of Spring and were surprised to see Magnolia’s in bloom and Lilacs emerging.


Have I rambled on long enough, yes, I did finally open the mystery package of yarn.

I can finally say I own a beautifully dark brown YAK!

100% Yak from Great Northern Yarns

This rich chocolatey yarn is the 2nd installment from the BareNaked KnitSpot Club.

(and you can see that I have not even started the February project since that’s the white yarn in above image)

The patterns for this Month include a slouchy hat, fingerless mitts, scarf, or cowl. Now the agony begins! There is not enough yarn to make all of the beautiful items. So how do I choose? At first glance I did not think I needed to make the hat that is until I turned the page and saw the star/flower on the top. I think I will make this hat for half-pint but her hair is almost the same shade of dark brown.

And who am I kidding this YAK is for me not the Kid! Not sure what color or fiber I will choose for her hat so I played with

an app on my iPhone Color Effects.

Yes, I know you can do this in Photoshop but it is so handy to be able to finger paint and change the color of any image. For example, say you flipping through you latest Knitting Magazine and you see a sweater pattern that looks interesting but it is in a pea-soup green and you think I wonder what that would look like in a regal purple? Just take a photo of the sweater and color effects will change the image to a black & white grayscale image and then you just pick a color you want to knit with. That’s what I did with all of KnitSpots’ hats in the above photo.

Now I still need to decide what this Yak will grown up to be. I’m leaning towards the mitts and a short scarf.

Here are a few more sure signs of Spring

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