No Peaking!

Today this long awaited package

    arrived in the mailbox!!!

It is the March installment of Anne Hanson’s bare naked knitspot club.

When Anne Hanson visited the RKG this past November she announced the theme for her next Knitting Club I was sold. Each month a mystery shipment of yarn magically appears in your mailbox and a new pattern installment is posted.

Now onto this Bare Naked bit – no we do not make some pact that we will knit au naturel.


For six months this club will explore a, “variety of fibers in their natural, undyed state to learn about and appreciate the unique characteristics of each”

And of course there is a HUGE Ravelry group to bring everybody together in their pursuit of the same projects.

It was quite the splurge but I decided that I would share it with my mom since Lord knows I won’t have time to make all the projects myself.
But whatever the March installment might be I would reserve this just for me, myself, & I.
You see I have a birthday in March and well last year’s Birthday turned out to one of the worst days of my life and no it had nothing to do with it being my birthday. I’m not sure how I made it through this year but here comes that day again and well this year I will have a nice surprise present waiting for me.
So even though the package arrived today, I’ve decided to wait just a few more days to open up this soft & squishy package.

I can’t wait!


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One Response to “No Peaking!”

  1. rob Says:

    is it opened yet???

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