Haunted by Rotting Hostas

Ever since Anne Hansen’s presentation to the Rochester Knitting Guild on what inspires her knitting creations I have been…


If you live anywhere in the North East you are probably wondering where did Winter go?
Here it is March 1st and still we have not had much Wintery Weather to speak of. This is why I am haunted by Hostas, but today I decide to do something about it!
You see every morning, as I walk into the entrance at work, there are these piles of decaying Hostas. Now on a normal year they would be blanketed for months in the typical 3 foot Rochester snow drifts. But OOOOHHHH NO, NOT THIS YEAR. Everyday they just lay there and taunt me because I look at them and I am not inspired to design anything. Everyday it drives me crazy as I pass them and think why can’t I see beauty in these hostas like Anne Hanson’s inspiration for her leaving sweater ? I Love Hostas.
So today I did something about my torment!


No, that’s what I wanted to do but I am pretty sure with my luck I would get caught by our grounds crew.
No, I did not dig them up but instead I took a picture of the limp Hosta’s and then immediately took a picture of the very next thing I saw.
This is the new entrance floor mats they recently installed in my office building. I’m struck by the beautiful geometry and texture of this utilitarian place to scrap the mud off my boots. Now I am finally inspired to design a pair of mittens with a similar geometric construction.

Lesson: Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder.


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4 Responses to “Haunted by Rotting Hostas”

  1. rob Says:

    mittens using the door mat design is a good idea. but honestly, the rotting hostas in front of the corps make me think of you. and since i’m there a lot, you are thought of a lot!
    on a knitting note, how are all the projects from the year of mrs. zimmerman coming along? 😉

  2. yarnleftovers Says:

    I am presenting at the RKG March meeting next Monday night on my Year with EZ.
    Then giving a workshop to ~150 members on unidiotic uses for icord. As I was reviewing my instructions last Friday in the car ride home I UNVENTED 2 new icord techniques.

    Unvented is an EZ term that she uses often and stems from her belief that she could not really be inventing some new knitting technique some one out there must have figured this already but in the solitude of her little cabin in the woods or camping she FIGURED IT OUT HERSELF.

    Next Fall I am cutting all my hostas after the 1st frost 😉

  3. rob Says:

    have a good time at your knitting thing. hi to the family!

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