I’ll never look at Rotting Hostas

I’ll never look at my Rotting Hostas in the same way after Anne Hanson’s presentation to the Rochester Knitting Guild.

I too am a gardener and find myself taking photos of things many people might find odd.

So when shared that her inspiration for the leaving sweater

was rotting Hosta leaves I knew I had found a kindred spirit.

Hosta leaves? I see whale tails! I might have to make this for a fellow whale-nut.

Anne spent the evening providing insights into what inspires her beautiful knit designs.

I also was fortunate enough to take some of the workshops and learned so much about yarn selection.

It left me wanting more, I would take her Yarn Voyage workshop over and over again.

So I was pleased to learn that her new bare naked knitspot club would focus on exploring the unique characteristics of a variety of yarns ranging from animal to vegetable. I can’t wait to learn more from Anne even if not in person.

I hear we(RKG) kept her so busy that she did not have time to take any photos so here are few photos from her workshops and the presentation.


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One Response to “I’ll never look at Rotting Hostas”

  1. rob Says:

    i agree. definitely whale tales. fellow whale nut LOVES this idea!!!

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