What a Treat! A Weekend of Knitting with Anne Hanson

Assessing different Swatches of Lace Fabric

This weekend the Rochester Knitting Guild hosted it’s Annual Fall Knitting Workshop Weekend.

This year we were treated to the inspiring designs of Anne Hanson of Knitspot!

I was fortunate enough to take 3 out of the six workshops:

  • Beginning Lace
  • Yarn Voyage
  • Designing Off the Cuff (Sock Design).

What did I learn?

Well I picked up some tip and tricks to improve my lace work and how to adapt my basic sock recipe for a better fit in a variety of stitch patterns.

But really what I took away from this weekend…

was a MUCH better understanding of the different yarn types and how one  yarn may be more suitable for a particular garment or even stitch pattern. She discussed the difference between 2-ply, multi-ply, woolen spun, worsted, and of course fiber content and it’s impact on springiness and drape. Now I am almost convinced that I should take a basic spinning class to better understand yarn construction and how it should impact my choices.

Anne brought STACKS of her beautiful swatches to illustrate the importance of swatching.

My AHA moment:  Swatching is not just for determining your gauge, it is for assessing the suitability of a fabric for a particular garment.

Not sure why this should come as a big surprise to me since I spent the entire month of January swatching different yarns before I decided which one to invest in for my EZ Aran Sweater.

Samples from Yarn Voyage

I can’t wait to see what she brings to the group meeting tonight!


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