For when you NEED to Knit a Spiderweb?

Who knew I would ever need to knit a


Young Girl Who Loves Leggings(YGWLL) decide she wanted to be a Spider Queen for Halloween.

I said, “Sure that sounds fine.” Then seconds later she asked, “Can you knit me a spiderweb?”

Ummm, well, I guess so. I have never actually finished a shawl. I’ve started a few and have the EZ July Simple Shawl almost done.


I found some black lace weight yarn in my stash – honest to god I have no idea where it came from! I must have inherited it because I’m positive that I would have never purchased black lace weight from Sweden.  And then I remembered I had purchased some of that white glow-in-the-dark yarn years ago. It took some digging but I finally found it.


Now that I had the materials I needed to come up with a design. I took a few photos of spiderwebs and decided that much like snowflakes there are no 2 that look alike. After a year with EZ, I naturally turned to my lessons learned. Grabbed my white yarn and crochet hook and made that magic slip-knot cast-on EZ call’s Emily Ocker’s Cast-On. Off I went!

I decided to make nine white spokes on a black background so when YGWLL wore it with her black dress only the white web spokes would POP out.

After a clumsy start and awkward use of IKEA bag clips for bobbins, I was finally making some progress.

Then YGWLL must have sensed my tension and said, “It’s ok mommy if there are a few holes in your knitting, no spiderweb is perfect

OH THANK GOD- all the pressure was off.  I was free to just wing it!

I worked on it at Letchworth, Rhinebeck and Stitches and today I blocked it. TaDaFiniDone!  Phew I made it just before Halloween. I guess I always need deadlines.

The finishing touches:

YGWLL added this lovely spider pin that we found at Rhinebeck and then she proceeded to insure her spider had a tasty snack.
She encased a fly in some of the glow in the dark yarn and attached it to one of the trigger spokes. I think she is please with the results!


Pin we purchased at Rhinebeck


Oh Yeah and Did I mention it Glows in the Dark?

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8 Responses to “For when you NEED to Knit a Spiderweb?”

  1. Jula Says:

    Wowee. That is one awesome homemade costume.

    • yarnleftovers Says:

      Thanks. She LOVES spiders so I can see her using this shawl more than just one Halloween night. My luck she will want to hang this creepy thing in her window or wear it to church.

  2. rob Says:

    and what about #1 child? what’s she going to be for Halloween?

  3. faeriedreamz22 Says:

    i love the way the web shawl turned out. I kinda want to make one. Write up the pattern? 😉

    • yarnleftovers Says:

      I was thinking about doing just that. Perhaps you could be my Tech Editor? Shhhhh…. don’t tell my hubby but I bought yarn to make myself one of these Spider Shawls too. When I started I thought it was just plain silly but I was surprised how much I really liked the final product. Shall I bring it to Show N Tell?

  4. rob Says:

    Hmmmm….secrets from the hubby….. i’m thinking it’ll cost you a trip to visit me to keep my mouth shut! 😉

  5. PHOTOTROPISM: Bending towards Enlightenment | Yarn Leftovers Says:

    […] always been my inspiration and designer, remember this is the same girl who asked me to knit her a spider web […]

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