Rhinebeck 2011:

Success At Last!!!

After years of failing to secure a Ravelry button, I was giddy to find they still had a few available at the Sunday Rhinebeck meet-up.

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Once again, the NYS Sheep & Wool Festival proved to be the ultimate mecca for fiber enthusiast from far and wide. What a beautiful Fall weekend full of inspiration. The weather was a little cool and windy so it was perfect for the parade of knitwear.
We arrived Early Saturday morning and somehow were the first paying customers through one of the many gates. Perhaps a little eager? Our 1st stop is traditionally Chicken Pot Pies.
When it comes to Rhinebeck, there is no other food but Pot Pies!!!! (Don’t get me wrong we sample many wines, chocolates, cheeses, and a little more wine…) They are top on my Rhinebeck Wish List, so much so, that our family has devised a whole pot pie strategy. We arrive early, bring containers, have DH rush them back to undisclosed location, and then we enjoy them for dinner while watching the traffic go by. Then I found out that there are

NO POT PIES THIS YEAR (Mrs. Tweedy)!!!

How best to break the news to DH who was lured to this event strictly for the promised food? Looks like it is artichokes and happy burgers (kids won’t let me say lamb burgers) for dinner. Guess I should have put less effort into the pot pie strategy and more effort in the kitchen. If I had only known sooner I could have whipped up some pot pies to auction them off!!! My DH would probably have been the high bidder.

Must console myself with wool purchases…..

I know I found some real treasures, but honest it is such a frenzied blur that I can’t recall them all. My big purchase was a Shelridge Farms kit for Elizabeth Fallone’s Sally Long Sleeved Top. It took me 2 days to decide on the color Peacock (Teal).
Here’s Half Pint joining in the treasure hunt. Actually, come to think of it, I think I bought more yarn for her than for me this year.

The expression says it all. How many can I get? I want to make a scarf for my teacher, grandma, me, .... umm can you hold my cocoa?

We took hundreds of images but managed to weed it down to just a few posted at the album below. I wish I had time to take more to capture the spirit of this event but I had to do some serious stash enhancement.

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Album: Rhinebeck, New York Sheep & Wool Festival 2011 by yarnleftovers

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2 Responses to “Rhinebeck 2011:”

  1. rob Says:

    so THIS is why you weren’t answering your phone! 😉

  2. yarnleftovers Says:

    Phone? What Phone? My hands were full juggling yarn, cameras, cocoa & credit cards! Sorry I missed your call.

  3. helenkosings Says:

    Thanks for the great photos! Very helpful for those of us who couldn’t go. :o)

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