An EZ Year in Review

Sept 1, 2010 -Sept 12, 2011


This Journey has been a curiosity…
Exceedingly few old women of over twenty-nine would dare go camping in Vermont during Hurricane Flooding. Some of them write picture-postcards, some write blogs, but I’ll bet that not one in a thousand tries to navigate through one of Elizabeth Zimmermann’s PITHY DIRECTIONS! The experienced sympathy of one who has gone through the same travail is something, then, that I shall probably never receive.
I will try to explain…..  (adapted from EZ, 1974)


So I end my year long journey through Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Knitter’s Almanac with her August chapter on Christmas Fiddle-Faddle. This chapter is devoted to a handful of Christmas Ornaments.

I easily whipped up some of the stars and the net to hang fruit and then moved on to her angels. EZ describes how to knit up a small angel ornament but I decided to go ahead and work it up as a hat. YGWLL took one look at the Angels in the Almanac and asked if I could make her an angel hat. EZ does not really have a pattern for this Angel hat but gives some suggestions.

YGWLL wants me to add some details on the hat like brown eyes and hair to match her own. I kind of like it the way it is…

August Fiddle Faddle Angel Hat

(Whiskey Yarn was purchased during my “Come hxll or high water” Vermont vacation at a wonderful shop in Vermont called Knits and Bolts  Just doing my bit to boost the Vermont economy in the wake of Irene)

After an entire year with EZ, there were many Lessons Learned and many UFOs.

Lesson #99: You should always set goals for yourself no matter how utterly unrealistic!
Lesson#100: I could write a book on EZ PITHY Directions! Well at least a blog…

Now I am just left wondering shall I start the whole year over again or try to finish up some of those UFOs?

July: Plain Shawl, Circular


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3 Responses to “An EZ Year in Review”

  1. rob Says:

    You made your own doily? We should put ours together and we’d have 2/3’s of a snowman!!!!

  2. yarnleftovers Says:

    Is your doily done? When do you know when you are done? EZ says something like continue until you are tired. I’m tired of going round and round and round….

  3. rob Says:

    Nah, the question should be, do I know WHERE the doily is?!?!?! And yeah it was done whether it really was or not. It was just sucking the yarn up. One of the cones of cotton wasn’t enough to make it all the way around once. At that rate, I couldn’t afford it to continue.

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