For when you need to knit a net…

Today I finally got back clicking and jumped into the August chapter on Christmas-Fiddle Faddle.


I awoke early and stared at the picture of EZ’s Christmas Ornaments and thought am I really going to NEED knitted ornaments? Some years I do not even get a chance to put up a tree. Well, YoungGirlWhoLovesLeggings also loves crazy hats and sketches me new ideas all the time. So perhaps I could use a knitted star, starfish, tree, or leaf as embellishments. Then there is the knitted angel, I can just see YGWLL now asking if I can make that tiny angel into a hat! Finally there is the Net for Fruit – well we do love to feed the birds. I guess I could try making the net and give them a nice holiday treat.

I read the chapter all the way through and it turned out to be one of my favorite chapters. This chapter was written during a canoe trip and besides the ornament patterns it is laced with numerous tips despite life’s occasional little interruptions.

I laughed out loud when I read that upon proudly presenting her angel ornament to her Old Man he said “Looks rather like a hat for a dolly.” And then she proceeded to give instructions on making a large angel like hat for a real person. Hey, that’s just what YGWLL wants!

Then half way into the chapter she admits that, “My heart is not really in the designing of Christmas trivia, because my brain is designing a sock-heel.”

See it is Not just Me!  I continued reading on and decided to start off by making the star ornament. It seems like I could use that shape for countless applications –

The STAR – is only 5 rows! I should be able to do that with out life’s interruptions.

I used her NO knot long-tail cast-on trick and after knitting only 3 rows I was amazed that EZ had done it again! This was not just a star it was an EZ alternative method of making Raspberry or Pumpkin leaves. (I’m in the middle of making a raspberry hat for my future niece. I’ve made a few of these hats and it seems to take forever to make all of those points. Next time I’ll try EZ’s star.) This star could give the start of any project a nice pointy edging, or perhaps you need dinosaur spines.  Continue on to Rows 4 & 5 and you magically have a pointy ruffle?

I tackled the NET FOR FRUIT next. 6 rows, how hard could that be? I came to a screeching halt when she says to Cast on using Emily Ocker’s method. I turned back to the Appendix and to my HORROR it uses one of those hooky things. I’m not sure if I even own a crochet hook let alone know what to do with one. After searching high and low I did find an inherited antique hook. It took me all afternoon, but Thank You EZ for your awesome sketches or I never would have figured out this cast on method.

Lesson #: Every knitter should own a few crochet hooks.
Lesson #: Crochet directions make much more sense once you realize you hold the working yarn in your LEFT hand.

Well after casting on about 5 times, I now know how to knit up a net quick if even I am stranded on a deserted island. Just hope I can find some sticks and vine to knit with.

Both of these ornaments take so very little yarn that they are perfect for your yarnleftovers. Just another excuse for me to not throw out the tiniest leftover.

Next I need to try the tree and angel to see what neat tricks I learn.


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One Response to “For when you need to knit a net…”

  1. rob Says:

    thanks for some Christmas present ideas for you!!! 😉

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