Oh Fiddle-Faddle!

So I end my year long journey through Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Almanac with Christmas Fiddle-Faddle.

Her August chapter is devoted to a handful of Christmas Ornaments. I’m sorry, but it is August, and I am just not inspired to work on Christmas. I must force myself into these projects because I know if I work through them EZ will indeed teach me some valuable lesson. She always does.

So here it is August 20th and I have still not started any of the ornaments. I was going to start them today, honest, but the long awaited school supply shopping list came today. So off we went shopping. UGGHH! Hours later I went poking around ravelry for more inspiration. I thought I would take a look to see how other knitters worked up the Christmas Fiddle Faddle and get so excited that I would be anxious to CO.


I was disappointed yet relieved to see that only 1 other person has posted their Fiddle-Faddle projects. Really I could only find one project on Ravelry! Has anyone out there made these ornaments?  EZ’s Baby Surprise Jacket has over 15,000 projects posted!!!  (I later did find a few more projects posted on Ravelry)

OK, now I AM inspired to go where few have ventured (or have lived to tell about it). I will follow through and end the year by diving into Christmas Fiddle-Faddle. Perhaps I will unlock some new EZ mystery and gain a little insight along this final jaunt.

Tomorrow’s another day and I finally can’t wait to get clicking.


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