Ulterior Motives

August 6th,

I’m sorry Rochester Knitters, but is it bad that I wished for clouds & rain?

Really my garden needed the rain 😉 and I had ulterior motives.

I was beat from working on the lake both Thurs & Fri. and thought I would be on stand by all weekend for another collect but YEAH FOR CLOUDY WEATHER!!!
I finally put my IKEA Billy book shelf together that I bought last October! (I bought so much at Stitches East I had to go to nearby IKEA)  I thought of many fellow knitters often today as I sorted through my knitting books and tried to make some sort of sense of my knitting paraphernalia mess. So I thought you would get a chuckle out of my knitting library categories…

0. Zimmermann
A. Socks
B. Mittens
C. Hats
D. Colorwork
E. Cables, Aran,…
F. Instructional Reference: Reader’s Digest Knitter’s Handbook
G. Oddities which includes titles:  Naughty Knits & Amigurumi Knits
H. Trims/Embellishments
I. Wire Knits
J. Holiday or Gift Knitting
K. Catch all with variety of projects: Weekend Knits, Knitter’s Stash, Mason Dixon
L. Yarn Dyeing
M. Needle Felting
N. Fiber Specific: Beyond Wool &  No Sheep for You

As I placed them in the new bookcase, I double checked to insure they were all in my Ravelry Library too. Mom, aka  KnitNakGirl, suggests I add a color sticker to the spine like she did with her awesome library system. Come to think of it that Library of hers started me on this EZ quest way back last August! (See my very 1st post) Wait a minute that’s 15 different colors!!! I don’t think I can come up with 15 unique colors. Looks like I’m going to need to borrow a box of the crayola crayons and find some stickers.
I’m also thinking about adding a gold star to the books where I’ve taken classes from that particular Author.

6 books categorized with color stickers on spine. Gold stars indicate workshop I've attended. Well it is a start of a system now I just need to do the other 100+ books.

Well Monday is another day… Perhaps it will even be sunny.
Oh – and did anyone get rain today? We never saw a drop of rain down here at the lake.


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One Response to “Ulterior Motives”

  1. rob Says:

    instead of crayons and stickers, what about spots of fabric on the spine? i seem to recall a stash in the garage…! 😉

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