According to EZ’s Knitting Almanac May is for Mittens.

Just like socks they are small, small, compact, and perfect for summer travels. In her chapter on mittens she provides two patterns; one with a beautiful Norwegian snowflake (not so ideal for my sporadic planes, trains, and automobiles knitting) and the other is shaped using a simple Mitered technique.

Guess which one I choose?

I pretty much followed EZ’s Pithy instructions but instead of using her Idiot-Cord border I started the mittens off with and Idiot-Cord Cast-On.

Not much of a difference in the overall end look I suppose. The Idiot-Cord border you work up a long Idiot-Cord tube then from that tube you pick up and knit stitches to start off. I choose to do all this in one step with the Idiot-Cord Cast-On method.  Given my EZ devoted year I naturally spent a few weeks exploring different uses of I-cord and came up with this mini-workshop:

Dear SockLover forced me into 21st Century of iProducts this Christmas when  he gave me both an iPhone and iPad. Lord Have Mercy! Doesn’t he know by now that I would be happy with some sticks and string?? I’m pleased to report that I have quickly adapted and am now addicted to these gadgets so much that I decide that if I was going to make mittens they HAD to have hole for my index finger to sneak out so I could still use the touch screen.

So off I went determined to create an updated version of EZ’s Mitered Mittens, the iMitten!

I kept trying it on for a good fit placing the thumb and shaping the fingers – making sure the index finger hole was in a good location….

Trying on iMitten for Index Finger and Thumb placement.

Then I made a hole using EZ’s one row button hole. Quite a nice little trick and it did the job nicely for a finger hole.

(Shh… I read ahead to the July chapter where she introduces this simple button hole technique)

I got the first iMitten done and was very proudly pleased with myself until…

I realized I am Right handed!!

All along I had been trying the mitten on my LEFT hand. I guess these mittens were not destined for my hands after all, I recall a certain left handed MittenLover who is also addicted to her  iPhone. Looks like I have her Christmas present done!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Norwegian Mittens are on my ToDoList (aka Cravings).


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2 Responses to “iMitten”

  1. Michele Says:

    It’s about time you opened that iPad!

    • yarnleftovers Says:

      Yes, I LOVE it! First thing I did was get my digital Knitter’s magazine subscription. Then I started keeping my patterns and notes in Evernote.
      I also used it for charting out my Aran Sweater patterns. Too bad it can’t knit it for me! I Would love to hear what Apps you are using for Knitting.

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