Have sticks and string, will travel

As I was packing for my recent business trip, I just could not decide which knitting project I should bring. I really should bring the EZ Aran sweater but it is far too big. It is May, I should work on the EZ Mittens. But as my packing time ran out I just grabbed a random skein of sock yarn and 4 needles and lapsed back into my sock addiction.

This time my travels took me to Sioux Falls, South Dakota for work at the USGS EROS Data Center.
This 2 day meeting is full of NASA & USGS goobers so this is one meeting I just don’t dare knit at besides I have plenty of data to analyze and good nets so no excuses.

I love to fly and watch the cloud formations and landscapes pass by. Held captive in an airplane for hour is pure heaven. Many dread air travel but I am perfectly content to sit and knit in crowded airports & airplane. A fellow traveller was also content to work on her needlepoint sampler as we waited for our planes. Perfectly engrossed in our crafts I’m surprised we even noticed when our flight began boarding.

Sioux Falls is dotted with Red Rock, water falls, pheasants, and occasional bisons but knitters may recognize it as home of XRX Knitter’s magazine and Stitches.Many of their photo shoots have been held in Sioux Falls. So I found it quite fun to walk around downtown recognizing different statues and scenery.

Unfortunately, there was no time for fiber shopping this time but if ever your travels bring you to Sioux Falls check out…

Athena Fibers  a wonderful yarn shop set in a beautiful house. One of these years I am going to time it right so that I can attend one of their evening knitting session on the porch!

—If you are looking for excellent food and wine check out Parker’s Bistro.
I wanted to order everything on the menu but finally decided on the lamb – it was the closest I was going to get to wool shopping.

As I headed home, I finally had time to start a sock while waiting for my flight. I decided to start an Anne Hanson pattern that I had recently picked up at in Watkins Glen at the  Finger Lakes Fibers Yarn Store.

(FYI there is also a nice quilt store right around the corner)

I can’t wait for the Anne Hanson’s workshops coming up this November 12-14.


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3 Responses to “Have sticks and string, will travel”

  1. rob Says:

    Oh sure! Put the note about the quilt shop in teeny tiny print! 🙂
    Glad to see you are still alive.

  2. cindy Says:

    excellent use of the term “goober”!

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