Happy Mother’s Day

The wait is over! A new EZ book is now avaialble!

Knit One Knit All

Elizabeth Zimmermann’s

Garter Stitch Designs

Timing is everything and the release of new book of Elizabeth Zimmermann’s garter stitch designs on Mother’s Day weekend is such a touching tribute to the Mother of Knitting.

Elizabeth Zimmermann’s daughter, Meg Swansen, and grandson, Cully Swansen, sifted through her journals and notes to posthumously fufill EZ’s dream of publishing an all Knit/Garter stitch pattern book.  In her Knitter’s Almanac she claims that she does NOT hate to purl, but boy was she a master of the simplicity of garter stitch!

If you were like me and pre-ordered this book, RUN (don’t walk) to your mailbox it may be already waiting for you!

Otherwise here’s the School House Press website where you can place your order.

Straight from the School House Press website:

One of Elizabeth Zimmermann’s dreams was to publish a book of her garter stitch designs. Though she proffered the idea to her primary publisher, and though the idea floated around their office for years, ultimately the project was not undertaken. In one of the publisher’s letters that seemed promising, Elizabeth had written an exclamation of joy in the margins, and it seems fitting to us to fulfill her wish for a garter stitch book.
As we looked through Elizabeth’s designs, we found a wealth of material, much of it little known or unknown to knitters. Further, we were intrigued and excited by the unique construction of some of these “new” designs (equal to her classic baby surprise jacket). You will find sweaters, coats, jackets, and vests for adults and kids, baby garments, plus a wonderful array of small projects including sideways gloves and socks, several brimmed hats, an ingenius pattern for knitted clogs and more.
  • Available Now! $32

Now I am torn. Do I start a project from this new book or continue my journey through the Knitter’s Almanac?


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