Spring Fling Knitting Retreat Recap

What an inspiring weekend! (March 11-13)
We all learned so much from each other and made many new friends.
Thirteen overnight guests enjoyed the surprisingly comfy accommodations at Camp Stella Maris. One guest announced, “This is NOT camping, there is even an elevator!”
Friday we kicked off the weekend with a Yarn Tasting. Attendees were encouraged to try out a new yarn in a variety of stitch patterns and needle sizes. Based on a recommendation from Jared Flood, we concentrated on making ‘fabric’ swatches and disregarded the recommended needle size and gauge. This was the hit of the weekend and I’m sure the paired chocolate, wine, & cheese sure did help. By the end of the weekend we had a table full of amazingly creative swatches. 
Saturday was jammed packed with workshops. Four more members joined us just for the workshops on glove making, crochet for knitters, and reversible two color knitting. Saturday evening we watched a variety of movies, TV episodes, and youtube clips that featured knitting. Awards were given for the best PJs, slippers, knitting inspired by a movie, and before the weekend was over everyone was awarded a prize.

Based on the feedback from the attendees we might just have to make this an Annual Tradition!

More photos can be seen at RKGKnittingCamp2011


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5 Responses to “Spring Fling Knitting Retreat Recap”

  1. yarnleftovers Says:

    Happy Birthday Jane

  2. robin Says:

    Happy Birthday, Mrs. Gibson!

  3. robin Says:

    This retreat was to get you in the mood for the one this weekend!!! 🙂

  4. robin Says:

    Sorry, I forgot to ask, do you have a close up of the stain glass window? It’s looking like something that could be paper pieced!

  5. yarnleftovers Says:

    Check out this image

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