In like a Lamb?

What? I once was a Spring Lamb!


Well here we are in March and hopefully spring is just around the corner, but it leaves me wondering where did January and February go?

I’m disappointed to report that I spent most of January spinning my wheels while fretting over yarn selection for the January Aran Sweater. I’ve knit a few adult sized sweaters, but now that I think about it I really enjoy knitting small non-committal things like socks, mittens, baby gear, and silly hats for children. So as I embarked on the Aran sweater, I froze when the yarn I had slated for the project was just not working out. I made many gauge swatches with a variety of needle sizes, then tried out the Tree of Life and the Fishtrap Aran patterns. Nothing worked out as I fought to make every single stitch. When I finally had knit up enough of the pattern, I could barely see any details of the stitches.

What’s the point of all that effort if you can’t even see the design?

So I stopped and recalled some advice that Jared Flood mentioned in one of our fall workshops. He suggested that knitters should swatch more before selecting a specific yarn for a project. He recommended that you consider yarn selection more like going fabric shopping. NOW that is something I can understand, because long before I was a knitter, my passion was for sewing. Jared suggested that you knit up ‘fabric’ swatches out of a few different yarns and then “LIVE” with your swatches for a while, see how they behave, do they pill quickly, do they hold up to laundering, how do they drape, etc.

So after failing miserably with my original yarn selection, I forged ahead to my LYS and bought 5 totally different skeins and started to knit up some fabric. I finally narrowed my yarn selection down to Debbie Bliss Rialto DK in green. Now my dilemma turned to how much shall I purchase? I swatched,measured, calculated, estimated, weighed, explored similar projects on ravelry, and then bought extra (I hope).

If I had only read ahead to the March chapter! The first three pages are full of tips on how to decide how much yarn to buy for a project and what to do if you run out.


The February projects are all about babies. So if you are anxiously awaiting a bundle of joy, you might want to try out the double knit blanket, the famous February Baby Sweater, or the baby longies.

I’m finally going to go cast on my Aran sweater!

ps. We are all still anxiously awaiting that bundle of joy. Looks like he will be a March baby.


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3 Responses to “In like a Lamb?”

  1. yarnleftovers Says:

    He (Jared Flood) recommended that you consider yarn selection more like going fabric shopping. NOW that is something I can understand…

  2. robin Says:

    More fabric? I love it! Although I was told, last week, by my upper snuffs, that I have too much. Silly upper snuffs!!!

    • yarnleftovers Says:

      What’s an upper snuff? And what are they doing snooping through your stash? You can never have too much fabric! Especially in colder climates, just like yarn it makes good insulation.

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