Good vs. Evil

EZ November Moccasin Socks

Confession time…

  • I did not finish the 2nd Moccasin Sock in November.
  • I did not even finish it in December for Sock Lover’s Christmas gift.

I actually ran out of the sock reinforcement thread and could not find it in the same color at my LYS. So I gave up and had to order more. Since I reinforced the toe, heel and entire foot bottom, each sock took an entire card of thread.

In fact here’s all that I had left after the 1st pair. And yes I even kept this tiny yarnleftover. It’s a disease!

I’ll use it for a stitch marker or something…

Today as I was finishing up the sole of the foot with the kitchener stitch I got to wondering why some knitters find this difficult. A few months ago I was teaching a workshop on socks and a knitter said she just did not get the kitchener stitch. Another knitter agreed that she always had to look it up.

Really? For me the kitchener stitch all comes down to Good vs. Evil.

  • Back needle   (Back = Evil = Purl)
  • Front needle (Front = Good = Knit)

1st stitch comes off the needle, 2nd stitch use the opposite stitch and leave it on.

Or written out:

  • Front needle: Slip stitch off as if to KNIT, 2nd stitch thread yarn through as if to purl and leave the stitch on.
  • Back needle: Slip stitch off as if to PURL, 2nd stitch thread yarn through as if to knit and leave the stitch on.

God forbid that I have to stop midstream, but I always take the time to stop ready to start with the Front needle.

I actually learned how to do the kitchener stitch over the phone. I used a life line and called Mom. Many Christmases ago my Mom taught me how to knit socks using EZ’s Afterthought Heel technique. The only problem was that she did not show me how to finish the toe of the sock. Once again I was on the road so I called her and she talked me through the kitchener stitch.

We all learn differently. Some people learn better visually, some by doing (Kinesthetic), for others (and apparently myself included) audible does the trick. So when learning a new technique you might try a different form of media. Tape yourself reading the directions, phone a friend, or watch a youtube.  When I was teaching my half-pint how to knit she hummed a little song and made different little noises for different stitches. That was a few years ago, now I wish I had recorded her 😦  But really once you get the hang of knitting it can be quite rhythmic.


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