Baby it’s Cold Outside…

This week I focused on yarn choice. I went to my LYS and purchased a few skeins to test out and live with for awhile.

I set aside the yarn I thought I was going to use since I was just not happy with it. I could not read my own knitting with the extra tweed and slight fuzz.

I have learned from my mistakes and chose only smooth yarns with no fuzzy or tweediness.

The first yarn I worked with was Debby Bliss Rialto Aran in an offwhite

Here’s my swatch playing around with the tree or life pattern.

Much better – it is a dream to work with, has some bounce and elasticity, and I can actually see my stitches!

For whatever reason I can not seem to decide on anything for this project especially color.  You would think Aran Sweater, that’s easy, use white or cream. But my eyes keep getting drawn to this green – cables just seem to POP when using a bright green. To see what I mean check out this sweater on Ravelry!

Debbie Bliss Rialto DK 7 purl bumps means I used size 7 needles


My favorite color is dark purple but over the past few years I have been drawn to greens. Perhaps my age is catching up to me.

Did you know that as you age your eye lens actually yellows?  Take a translucent piece of yellow plastic and view different colors to see how your color perception may change as you age.  YIKES!

Or perhaps green cables seem to POP more because the human’s visual response has adapted to have the greatest sensitivity in the green region of the spectrum.

So I’m going for it!

It’s s Green Aran Sweater for me!

Now how much am I going to need?????


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4 Responses to “Baby it’s Cold Outside…”

  1. Knitwit Says:

    I found your blog through Ravelry. I’m working on the Aran sweater now also. I love the green color. I’m afraid my sweater is just a boring traditional natural color. I whimped out on choosing a yarn and just bought what EZ used.

    • yarnleftovers Says:

      That’s not ‘wimping out’ that’s brave! What yarn did EZ use and can you still find it? What are you using?
      Can’t wait to see your finished product. Mine will probably take me years…

  2. Sharah Blankenship Says:

    I LOVE the green, I think you made the right choice for the color! 🙂
    I cant’ wait to see how it all works up!

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