Only 4 Days into the New Year and I can check off the Aran Sweater as TaDaFiniDone!

Now for the REAL story….










So I traveled to my childhood home for the Holidays. All I wanted for Christmas was a Snow Day. In other words I wanted a good old fashion BLIZZARD. You know the kind where you are trapped inside with nothing to do but enjoy hours of guilt-free knitting. The day after Christmas I got my wish. I settled into my Mom’s fireside knitting parlor with EZ’s Knitter’s Almanac and Gladys Thompson’s Patterns for Guernseys, Jerseys, & Arans. I was pouring over the EZ’s January project of an Aran Sweater, picking out authentic patterns from Thompson’s amazing historic resource, and swatching out different stitches, when my mom comes into the room wearing this sweater.


Are you kidding me when did you whip up that?

She replied, “Oh this old thing I picked this up at a church rummage sale. They were having a $1.00 bag sale! So I probably paid a quarter for this. I just could not leave it there – who would appreciate it more than a knitter?”


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