12 hours in LA

After traveling to Pasadena for work, I hung around an extra day to catch up with a friend and do some Holiday Shopping.

We started the day at L.A. Farmers Market for Breakfast.

We wandered around some of the vintage shops and specialty food stalls, then checked out the adjacent outdoor mall, the Grove. I never expected to stumble on an American Girl Store but there it was. I had no desire to venture in, but figured I should check it out to see what DDs were missing out on. I picked up a few small books and started to check out and that is  when I realized that I was not even in the real store. I was just on the street level checkout area, the REAL store was upstairs. Needless to say I did a little Christmas Shopping at the Grove.

Then we tried to find the Mood Fabric Store but instead found Mood, the Night Club. Whoops!

There we were on Hollywood Blvd.

and we wanted to be on Pico Ave. (That’s what you get for blindly following the GPS!) I guess it was meant to be since we parked outside Betty Paige. We both fell in love with a dress in the window,  so I helped her pick out a little black dress for New Years Eve. And I bought new suitcase so I could get all my presents (and perhaps a little black dress for me) back home.

We did a little Gelato research at Caffe Primo. After having small tastings of pistachio and cappuccino, I settled on Kiwi & Strawberry. The Kiwi was incredible!

Finally we headed to our real destination, the Getty Center.  It had taken us all day but we finally arrived at the Getty around 2:30PM.

Admission to the Getty Center is FREE!  Parking is $15.

This place is a work of art all on its own. The architecture is breathtaking.

We spent an Amazing few hours full of van Gogh, Monet, Degas, Manet…






I fell in love with this French bed.

After admiring it from afar I took a closer look and was just amazed by its tassels.

I want to try to figure out how to recreate these spirals and loops.


The Getty closed at 5:30PM and Mood was open until 6:30PM. So we fought LA traffic and made it across town using the GPS to avoid the clogged freeways.  We finally found the Mood Fabric store 10 minutes before closing!

We made it. For you non-fabric-a-holics, Mood is a fabric mecca much like WEBS!

Then we found a Korean Noodle House. It was a simple place with AMAZING yumminess

I shared my photos with my sister and she said she recognized the Getty Museum.

“…and haven’t I seen this place before? Project Runway? Looks like you were inspired. Did you sketch for 30 minutes and then rush to Mood?”

Ummmm…. Well….



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