Disaster Diverted

This week’s knitting crisis was diverted by finding a lovely knitting store in Pasadena.

Elegance Designer Yarns & Accessories
Ste 103, 380 South Lake Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91101-3567 (626) 792-2404 ‎

The owner suggested I try a tiny 9 inch circular needle for my sock. I sat right down on her comfy couch and tried a pair out.

Problem solved. I should not loose this needle!

I also wanted to get started on EZ’s December Wishbone Sweater but the Berroco Campus yarn was not bulky enough to create a gauge of 2.5 inches per inch. It is already December 3rd and time is ticking on this project. So I scoured this shop for some bulky yarn. I ended up picking up some Misty Alpaca and decided to try working the 2 yarns together.

I worked a few inches and finally have achieved the proper gauge.

It’s been a long week away from home, but I think my knitting & I are finally ready for the long flight back.


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2 Responses to “Disaster Diverted”

  1. robin Says:

    i know i’m in the throngs of kettles and the brain is seriously scrambled, but how does “a tiny 9 inch circular needle” become “tried a pair out”? a = 1, a pair = 2. even in mr. blanchard’s class. and then throw in my logic professor and i could make a pair = 3, but that still doesn’t answer how one singular needle becomes multiple needles.
    thank goodness, in counting kettles, 1 penny = 1 penny and 1 penny + 1 penny = 2 pennies. and thank goodness i have a machine that tells me this!!! ‘night!

    • yarnleftovers Says:

      1p = 1p+1p+1p = 2p
      Sure glad you have a machine too! You had better get some more help or more sleep.

      I need 2 needle points to knit with. Is that a pair of needle points or just one circular. In any case I was back in business and it was sure nice of the shop owner to let me try the needle out.

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