Knitting Emergency

I’m off traveling again for work this week.
So Tuesday I hopped on a plane to Los Angeles. I had plenty of work to do on my computer but there is that wonderful non-guilt period of every flight where you can’t use any electronic devices! So I grabbed my knitting all ready to settle in to some calm therapy. I pulled out the 2nd EZ November Moccasin Sock and to my HORROR I only found 3 DPNs! Panic ensued as we hurled down the runway.What am I going to do all day stuck in planes and airport layovers?

I had knit my initial sock cuff flat per EZ’s recommendations. But this sock I decided I would be lazy and knit the cuff in the round.

I only have 3 needles with me for a week, now what should I do?

  • Rip the few inches out and knit flat with 2 needles. NOT!
  • Press the call button to announce that I had a knitting emergency. Is there a doctor knitter on the plane?   (Turns out that this was not even funny because later we did actually have a medical emergency) NOT!
  • Break one of the needles NOT!
  • Gibby up a circular needle using tape, needles, yarn, computer cables… What else do I have?
  • Knit in the round on 3 needles. (I did this for a few inches and decided this was just not very calming)
  • Give up and work on my presentations.
  • Land in Los Angeles and immediately find the closest knitting store.  OF COURSE!
Tidbit: Don’t change your knitting bag the night before a trip. Fix up your travel knitting bag a few days before and actually knit from it. 🙂  What a novel idea!
Tidbit: Use Rollie Stitch Keepers to keep ALL your needles together. Or even try this other thrifty solution.





Welcome to the Athenaeum

I’m staying in Pasadena at Caltech’s Athenaeum which is quite a treat. I just wish that our meeting could have been closer to the date of the Rose Parade! I walked into the ‘lobby’ to this most amazing Holiday display. I did a double take, Am I in the right place? This is a far cry from some of my usual work related haunts of Primm, NV, Salton Sea, & Sioux Falls.


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