Hurry Up!

With all the hustling and bustling of the Holiday Season one would hardly dare start an adult sweater in the month of December. Right? That’s just what Elizabeth Zimmermann suggest you do for this month’s project in Knitter’s Almanac when she states, “Embarking on a sweater at this late date smacks of madness…”

Have you ever kept track of the time you spent on a project? I once tested the 5 hour baby sweater on a flight back from Europe. Five hours no problem, but that was tiny and all in one sitting. This month I am going to attempt the unthinkable per EZ’s calculations, “… I reckon that the whole job takes only 30 minutes a day between December 1st and December 16th.” I really do not believe I can make this sweater in 16 days knitting day and night, let alone in only 8 hours, but if there is one thing I have learned from the past 3 months of this challenge is to blindly trust Elizabeth Zimmermann and be prepared to be amazed in the end result. 

So if you are looking for a Hurry-Up Last Minute Present grab some chunky yarn and big needles and cast-on with me in a gauge of 2.5 inches per inch. The whole Wishbone Sweater pattern is only 18 lines of text!


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