The Sea

The Sea of Knitters that showed up to see tonight’s Jared Flood’s presentation was just simply overwhelming!


Knitting is Alive & Strong in Rochester!

What an amazing culmination of a weekend with Jared Flood.

We lost count, but at least 260 people attended Monday Night’s Rochester Knitting Guild Meeting! One of my peculiar family sayings is

Give me Strength!

But after tonight’s Flood I think I’ve changed this to

Give Me Shelter!

Launch of Shelter

Now I must get back to my Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Moccasin Socks.


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2 Responses to “The Sea”

  1. robin Says:

    Launch of Shelter? Is this akin to launch of the new Mac OS? Or a new program to help Rochester’s homeless?

    • yarnleftovers Says:

      Perhaps both.
      For you non-knitters Shelter is a new 100% American wool yarn developed by Jared Flood and spun in a historic mill town of Harrisville, NH. It comes in 17 shades of heathers and tweeds that beautifully coordinate with each other because they are spun from a base palette of only 10 colors.
      Since Wool is the warmest and driest fiber, it certainly could be used to keep those in Shelters warm. In fact I have two huge bags full of hand knitted hats, scarves, and mittens ready to be delivered to a local Shelter. The RKG members support many community knitting projects and I am sure we will start using Shelter yarn for some of them.

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