We interupt this knitting AGAIN!

Happy Belated Halloween!


A Dress Suitable for this Dragon Princess!

Young Girl Who Loves Leggings LOVES red dragons even MORE!

She wanted to be a Chinese New Year Dragon Princess. So I made her this dress in my spare time in between all these knitting goals and stash supplement excursions I’ve placed on myself.

I have to say I really like how it turned out. It would not win any 4-H sewing awards but she loves it. Oh yeah that’s right no one is likely to pick up the hem or examine the zipper. Right Grama?

She chose the main red fabric first and then selected the black for some contrast. Then we found this perfect pattern. She really has a nice eye for color as I like her final product better than the example on Simplicity Pattern 3588. She also wanted me to place a band of black around the hem but I ran out of time.

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One Response to “We interupt this knitting AGAIN!”

  1. cindy Says:

    wow 9, that came out amazing!!

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