November 1st

Grama's cheating November Moccasin Sock

I Can Knit Socks!

I’ve been stuck on socks for quite a few years now. So after September’s Longies and October’s Open-Collared Pullover, I was relieved when I turned the page to the November chapter of Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Knitter’s Almanac to find a pair of SOCKS. Phew! I can knit Socks. I think.
The EZ Moccasin Sock is, well, unsurprisingly unconventional. In her quest for a totally repairable sole, EZ unvented this re-footable sock.

The sock starts out by knitting the ribbed cuff flat, then after some decreases she has you knit down the top of the foot, shapes the toe, picks up all stitches around the sole, makes a few more decreases, and finally you weave together the bottom center sole.

BIZARRE! I can’t wait to attempt this puzzle.


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