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I’ve been swamped working on another project this week so I still have not joined the sleeves to the body. Based on my calculations I should reserve 8-9 stitches for the underarm. Sound about right? I hope the sleeves will be long enough. I checked a few knitting books that had baby measurements so hope I am in the right ballpark.

I hate to count rows. Well I suppose HATE is kinda strong. I’m busy and get easily distracted with the life buzzing around me. So I’m lazy about keeping track of rows and frequency of increases. On numerous occasions EZ suggests using safety pins rather than markers. I take that a bit further and suggest using a yarnleftover as a marker.

Tidbit:  I just use a piece of yarnleftover to mark where I make an increase. It’s easy to just look at your knitting to see if you need to increase. This a real handy trick especially if you have to make two alike, as in these sleeves. I also carried a piece of leftover yarn up every few rows to mark the side seams for quick delineation when it is time to join the sleeves to the body.

Yarnleftover marking the 2 center stitches and increase rows


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