On the Road Again….

Body of EZ October Project: Open-Collared Pullover

Have I mentioned that I almost exclusively knit while traveling?

I knit in the car every day during my commute to work, on my weekend travels, and of course while flying.

So in my world small portable projects rule.
This weekend I made the 5 hour trip to Rhinbeck for the NYS Sheep & Wool festival. I knit the entire way even through the pitch dark. I made the body of  open collared pullover on trip out. Then made the sleeves on the car ride back.

Cool Bumper Sticker I found at Rhinebeck Available from Zippy

I’ve finally decided to make the EZ Knitter’s Almanac October project for a baby boy.

  • Yarn: Big Mexiko Color
  • Needles: Size 5
  • Gauge:  6 sts / inch
  • This EZ project is sized for an adult so I’ve had 2 make a lot of measurements &  calculations.  I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that this will fit someone someday.

    I started the project with an I-Cord border garter stitch band. Joined the band and then knit up to the underarms.
    Now I’m ready to join the sleeves to the body.

    I did not dare do this in the dark!


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