Un-Idiotic Uses of I-Cord

I’ve been off the grid spending some time camping in Letchworth State Park.

Awesome hubby bought me these socks for our 18th Wedding Anniversary.

What can I say?

He knows I LOVE SOCKS.

Celebrating 100 years of EZ

Monday night we had an enjoyable Rochester Knitting Guild Meeting celebrating Elizabeth Zimmermann’s contributions to the art of knitting.

There were balloons, cupcakes, slideshow, and EZ inspired workshops that provided insight on some of her pithy directions and unique techniques.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I taught a workshop on the Un-Idiotic Uses of I-Cord.

  • I-cord border
  • I-cord cast off
  • I-cord cast on
  • I-cord tube
  • Striped I-Cord
  • And provided references to I-Cord gloves, Button Loops and more.

You might say that I have gotten carried away with I-Cord.

I started to play around with the I-Cord border that EZ introduces in the Knitter’s Almanac and then I just kept going. I figured there must be a way to Cast-Off in an I-Cord border. Sure enough EZ introduces a I-Cord Cast Off in the October chapter. I could not find a I-Cord Cast On so I unvented a method but I’m sure someone out there has already done this. Then I played around until I figured out how to make an I-Cord border all around a knitted square so it looks almost continuous.  THEN a few days later, I found an exercise in Knitting Around where EZ has you do just that.  She provides instructions for a potholder surrounded with an I-Cord. That’s OK, I probably learned more by figuring it out for myself. I compared notes and mine was quite similar but I did the Cast On differently. I also played around with stripes and contrasting I-Cord. I told you I got carried away and all because the EZ October Pullover has a neat I-Cord border! I just knew I would learn something new in each chapter.

October’s EZ Open-Collared Pullover

Now that the month is 1/2 way gone, I suppose I had better get back to knitting October’s project!


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2 Responses to “Un-Idiotic Uses of I-Cord”

  1. robin Says:

    just what is “regenerated cotton/acrylic/polyester”? i guess that’s better than regurgitated cotton/acrylic/polyester! 🙂 hope you had fun at letchworth. thought of you often.

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