October Afghan Square

Well, I have to say that I am not exactly thrilled with the project for October: An Open Collared Pullover. Probably just because I’m not sure who I should make it for.

So I am going to procrastinate and come up with an October’s Afghan Square that will help me hone my skills before jumping into the actual sweater.

I went to Schoolhouse Press to see what types of yarns they were offering in hopes of finding something EZ inspired.

The yarns I ended up selecting were mostly Jamieson’s Shetland Wool that I found at one of my LYS. I purchased ~2000 yards and I’ll probably need to buy more but that is the great thing about this yarn it is timeless and it comes in ~150 colors!!  I love to look at all those shades of possibilities at this site.

Half-pint and I choose colors that reminded us of the ocean. Many shades of blues, greens, black, and sandy tans. Then Half-pint also selected two variegated yarns one in blues and another that varies from black to white that reminded us of the round pebbles we found on the Wells Beach, ME.

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In the October chapter, EZ introduces the I-cord border so I’ll incorporate that technique.

The rest of the pullover’s shaping and construction seem pretty straightforward so I’m going to play around with some of EZ’s suggested double decreases that she employs in the raglan decreases.

For whatever reason, these two techniques call out to me

Mitered Square.

So like all good puzzles, I am going to start by finding or making the corner pieces.

I’ll post directions in my next entry.

October: Mitered Square with I-cord border


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