Sneak Peak

Today I did the un-thinkable!

I cheated and browsed through the Knitter’s Almanac just to see what fibers I should be looking for on my upcoming travels.

Lord knows that my stash has not a single skein of anything suitable.


Boy am I glad I did not start this Almanac project at the beginning January month. I never would have continued. The September project of a pair of longies/leggings was the perfect place to start for me since I am stuck on socks. In fact that is one of the many reasons I decided to embark on a year of EZ. I thought this would get me unstuck and force me to knit something else for a change. Then about 1/4 of the way through the leggings project I looked at them and realized they were nothing more than a really long pair of socks. Good Grief!

I picked out some yarn (Limbo Mexiko Color) from my stash that I think will work for October’s Open Collared Pullover.

November is a pair of socks! Woo Hoo I can handle socks! My stash is almost completely sock yarns. But still, some new luscious yarn will probably find me.

December is a bulky Hurry Up Last Minute Sweater. I picked up some Campus from Berroco I’ll see what my gauge works up to be.

Top Blue Yarn is Campus from Berroco



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