More of EZ ?

I’m so excited that soon the Knitting Community will soon be blessed with MORE of Elizabeth Zimmermann!

Here is the quote straight from School House Press

Schoolhouse Press is publishing a book of EZ’s Garter Stitch Designs titled (by EZ through her journal). Cully, Elizabeth’s grandson, and Meg are hard at work reproducing patterns from EZ’s journals and refurbishing little known published patterns from long ago, with help from knitting campers who are reproducing the garments. We expect the book to be available in the new year.

I can’t wait!

According to School House Press, it’s due out approximately in January 2011 BUT you can pre-order now.

So get in line 🙂

And if you do not have a copy of EZ’s Knitter’s Almanac there is a special Knitters Almanac Commemorative Edition. Since I have borrowed my Mom’s original copy, I had this new release shipped direct to her. What a nice surprise to open up a package full of knitting inspirations.

I’ll keep working through the original edition.


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