Never the Twain Shall Meet

No, think positive.

The joining of the two legs IS possible and quite simple.

You must first determine how many crotch stitches you need to reserve. EZ’s Knitter’s Almanac has an easy percentage system that can help you determine the number of stitches. For my little pair I reserved just 10 stitches by locating the two reserved inseam stitches on each leg and then placing these two stitches and 4 more stitches on either side on a yarn leftover.
So for each leg I placed the 10 inseam stitches on a yarn leftover then placed all the remaining live stitches on a circular needle. (Only after running to my LYS to purchase the correct needle size and length. ARRGHHH !!!  I thought I had every size needle imaginable.)
Then I just knit around on all hip stitches.
Lesson 5: Do NOT assume you have every possible sized needle in DPN & all circular lengths. Listen to EZ and make sure you have the necessary double pointed needles and circulars before you start the project.


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