The last day of summer vacation

Yes, hard to believe but today is the last day of summer vacation.

The kids go back to school tomorrow. So what better way to spend the day but to teach a child how to knit. Today I spent some time knitting with both of my daughters.

Last year at the Finger Lakes Fiber Festival a Rochester Knitting Guild member taught my half-pint how to knit.

She knit a few rows back and forth using a set of knitting needles one red and one blue. She quickly grew tired of knitting (or so I thought). After just a few minutes of knitting she announced that she was going to Ellen’s to buy yarn for a scarf.

Oh what a proud moment, not only was she excited to knit but, she also had a good eye for one of my favorite yarns Ellen’s 1/2 Pint Farm.

EZ starts the September chapter off by making suggestions on what materials and a potholder project that would be suitable for a youngsters 1st knitting project.

My half-pint has announced that her garter stitch square will NOT be a potholder but a square for an afghan!

Young girl who loves leggings helped me knit along on legging #2.


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2 Responses to “The last day of summer vacation”

  1. robin Says:

    ahh….the quilter is gonna come out of her yet! 🙂

    • yarnleftovers Says:

      Young girl who loves leggings IS starting to quilt. She has begun to lay out all her flamingo fabrics and is in the design process. She has given up hope that I will ever get around to making the quilt for her. She finally admitted yesterday that her baby blanket was getting too small. So as I sew her ‘Little House on the Prarie’ costume for her One Room Schoolhouse Day she is making a quilt.

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