Labor of Love

Today is Labor Day the un-official end of summer.

Young girl who loves leggings loves how the legging are turning out and how soft, smooth, and cool the sugar cane yarn is on her itchy skin.

She wants to know if I’ll have them done so she can wear them on the first day of school! Should I embark on this Labor of Love and try to get them finished in the next few days? Well, we’ll see. She may just have to wait a few more days.

The other day as I was casting on the stitches for the legging cuff, someone asked me, “what on earth are you doing with two needles?” I’m not sure who taught me this tidbit, but this is how I cast on for almost all of my projects that start off with a ribbing.

Tidbit: CO over two needles to insure that your CO edge will not be too tight to allow for the desired stretch of the ribbing.
Tidbit: When knitting in the round. CO 1 extra stitch than you require. Then knit the 1st and last stitches together as you join.
Here’s what I got done today

  • CO 40 sts
  • K2 p2 ribbing for 1inch
  • stockinette for 3inches
  • start back of leg increases
  • follow EZ Knitter’s Almanac instructions for increases.
  • reached the necessary number of stitches for the knee circumference.
  • Try, try, try it on.
  • Knit straight with no increases for 6inches. She has skinny little legs.
  • Tomorrow I’ll start the in-seam increases.

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