Try, Try, Try Again

After traveling across NYS, I had a small start to the legging that was comprised of 1 inch of a K2 P2 border and a few inches of straight stockinette. All ready for a first fitting in the morning.

Upon trying on the sample, the fit was a bit baggy. I had failed to allow for the fact that the knitted fabric would stretch a little and Young girl who loves leggings likes to wear her leggings tight. In the past I’ve tried to knit her socks before out of a variety of fibers including cotton, bamboo, and silk blends but when knit up few of them had little if any stretch. Yeah! Finally I have found a yarn for her sensitive skin that has some give.  Now all my previous calculations should be modified by a few stitches in order to hug to the legs like tights.

So I grabbed the 3 skeins of sugar cane yarn that she had picked out and jumped into the car on our travels to celebrate the last few days of summer.

I modified my CO sts from 44sts down to 40sts and I was soon happily knitting away.

Lesson 2: Allow for your knitted material to stretch.

I knit 1inch of K2 P2 ribbing and then a few inches of stockinette and then thought I should do a double check on fit and gauge measurement. Now with the reduced number of stitches the fit was beautiful. The trying on process was not bad in the car but the gauge measurement was not so easy on ME. Finally after many attempts I was able to get a stitch count. Now with the new yarn and daylight, the gauge checked out the same as before 6.6 sts/inch.

Lesson 3: Do NOT try to determine your gauge on your lap as you are riding along Route 100 in Vermont.

Here’s a sample of the colorway she chose.

Lavender, blue, and pink.


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2 Responses to “Try, Try, Try Again”

  1. robin Says:

    I had to laugh at your comment about route 100 in VT. I left my breakfast along route 100, outside of Ira, the day we went to Plymouth Notch. And knitting was NOT involved!!! 🙂

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