Now that I have decided who will receive the September longies and selected the yarn, I suppose I should make a swatch to determine my gauge. After all this project is based totally on measurements and gauge.

I’d like to say that I took this swatch construction seriously but truth be told I was desperately stuck in a 4 hour seminar. I was knitting along on a sock in the dark and to my horror I ran out of yarn! I looked at the time and there was still 1 1/2 hours remaining. Panic ensued as I realized I was trapped. I rummaged around in my knitting bag and to my relief I found the sample sugar cane yarn from my stash so I ripped out the needles from the socks and started my sugar swatch.

Lesson1: Lesson learned, always pack extra yarn!


Now I am sure EZ would recommend that you use wool and wooden needles but here’s what I selected based on allergies.

  • Yarn: Araucania Ruca Multi
  • Needles: Size 3mm Type: Boye Balene
  • Gauge: measured over 3 inches – 20 stitches
    • therefore,  6.6 sts/inch (I am not afraid of decimals but feel free to adjust your needle size if you want nice even numbers to work with.)

You have to feel this yarn made from sugar cane it feels smooth as silk and I swear mine smelled like cotton candy. I’m really glad that I chose to use the Boye Balene needles for they have a blunt tip which helps since this yarn tended to split a bit when I first started using it.

Recipe: Measurements for slim 7 year old girl

I decided to do a K2 P2 ribbing for the ankle cuff so I CO a multiple of 4 sts – close to my 42.9 sts = 44 sts.

Now I am ready for a long car ride to go pick up Young girl who loves leggings. In a few hours I should have enough knitted up so that I can do a fitting and double check my gauge as knit in the round.

Initial Legging Swatch

<- note I love my StitchKeepers by Rollie


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