Ready, Set, Cast-On

Well…. not exactly.
The September project is a pair of nether garments, longies, long johns, tights, or in my household they are called leggings.
A few days ago I committed myself to a year of working through the projects in EZ’s Knitter’s Almanac. Now I have to decide exactly who I am going to make the longies for.


1. Me, myself, & I. I’d love a pair for myself BUT:

  • A: Who am I kidding? I would never finish them in a month!
  • B: Do I really want to share my measurements with the world?

2: Baby. EZ suggests making a small pair 1st, like a pair of baby leggings.

  • Problem- this project is all based on measurements and although I know of a few pending deliveries, well, they have not exactly arrived yet.  So I do not have a spare baby to measure.

3. Young girl who loves leggings (and fortune cookies). Perfect this should be a reasonable sized project. After all they are not much more than a really long pair of socks. Right?

  • Problem #1- I sent her away to Grama Camp yesterday! (and I want to start NOW)
  • Problem #2- Young girl is extremely allergic to all animal fibers, soy, and acrylic. ARRGGHHH!

Sounds like Young girl who loves leggings is the winner. We’ll work through the obstacles.

  • Solution #1- Grama is a knitter and can make a few basic measurements to get me started.
  • Solution #2- Part of Grama Camp is a field trip to the Eric Carle Museum AND that just happens to be very close by to small yarn shop.

They managed to pick out some yarn made of Sugar Cane (Araucania Ruca Multi) which is ideal for this candy loving girl. I even have some in my stash so I can at least cast-on and start to determine my gauge. Here’s what I had in my stash. I can’t wait to see what colorway she has picked out.


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