AHHHhhh…. September

SEPTEMBER IS THE LOGICAL BEGINNING of the year. Summer heat is nearly past, the weather begins to brisken up, schools open their doors to siphon our beloved young out of the house for longer or shorter periods, adult activity starts to stir, and Mother forms good resolutions and makes lists.
Top your list with a resolution to initiate all children, M & F, into the mysteries and fascinations of knitting. (Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Knitter’s Almanac, 1974)

I agree! That is what the Rochester Knitting Guild is all about! Let’s teach M & F, young & old alike the skills of knitting. I have learned so many fascinating knitting tricks and lifelong tips from EZ’s Knitting without Tears.  It was the very 1st knitting book my Mom gave me, for as a knitter herself, she knew what a treasure it was IS. Though I have amassed quite the large collection of knitting related books, I still find myself returning to this classic book time and time again.

While visiting my Mom this summer I found myself perusing her bookcase FULL of knitting books. She has quite the “library system” with her knitting books all categorized, complete with color-coded stickers on the spine! Good Grief!!! Something to aspire to, I guess? I have knitting books spread out all over my house, at my office, loaned out, and probably a few in the car.

To my amazement I found a whole section devoted to EZ and her daughter Meg Swansen. I’m ashamed to admit that though I truly love Knitting without Tears and have watched every EZ video, I have never delved into her other books:

  • EZ’s Knitting Workshop,
  • Knitting Around,
  • The Opinionated Knitter, and
  • EZ’s Knitter’s Almanac: Projects for Each Month of the Year.

All of her books read much like today’s knitting blogs full of personal stories and much rambling. Yet just another example of how EZ was way ahead of her time.

So in honor of EZ’s 100th Birthday (8/9/10), I’ve decided to journey into a year in the life of EZ through her Knitter’s Almanac.

Please join me and jump right into the middle of the book in chapter

September: Nether Garments.

She starts this chapter with the above quote and then starts right in on providing insightful tips on how to teach a youngster how to knit a potholder. The actual project for the month of September is a pair of leggings, a.k.a. longies, or tights perfect for a baby, ballerina, ice skater, or even anyone of us in northern latitudes.  She presents this project not so much as a pattern but as an excellent discussion on the importance of gauge, swatching and measurements. All excellent reviews for us all 🙂

BTW Mom you need to install a barcode checkout and alarm systems for your knitting library. I have borrowed your Knitter’s Almanac and will return it in one year!

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3 Responses to “AHHHhhh…. September”

  1. Jane Says:

    Love the website. The photos are neat!

  2. Jane Gibson Says:

    I think I needed a pair last night at a bluegrass festival up in VT

  3. yarnleftovers Says:

    Brrrrrs. Sounds like Summer is just about over. Time to CO a warm pair of longies for yourself. Check out the pair on Ravelry!

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